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On this page we will post materials relating to Child to Parent Violence and links to other resources. Be sure to check out copies of the presentations from the conference held in Galway in June 2014 here and also check out the project website for more information here. Lastly, don’t forget to visit the Handbooks page on this website for copies of the NVR Handbook for Practitioners and the Power2Change Programme.

Child to Parent Violence and Abuse: Family Interventions with Non Violent Resistance by Dr. Declan Coogan

Coogan, D (2018) Child to Parent Violence and Abuse – Family Interventions with Non Violent Resistance, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers www.jkp.com. You can also click on the cover to order a paperback copy from Amazon UK.

Links to Media


Journal Articles

Lauster, E., Quinn, A., Brosnahan, J., Coogan, D. (2014) Practical Strategies for Coping with Child-to-Parent Violence: The Non Violent Resistance Programme in Practice. Irish Probation Journal, 11, pp. 208-221.

Coogan, D & Lauster, E (2014a) Restoring competence and confidence-non-violent resistance as a response to child-to-parent violence in Ireland. Context– the Magazine for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice in the UK. Vol. 132, April 2014: 29-31.

Link to article: Restoring competence and confidence- non-violent resistance as a response to child-to parent violence in Ireland

Coogan, D. (2012) Marking the Boundaries- When Troublesome becomes Abusive and Children Cross a Line in Family Violence, Feedback- Journal of the Family Therapy Association of Ireland, pp.74-85.

Link to article: Marking the Boundaries – When troublesome becomes abusive and children cross a line in family violence

Coogan, D & Lauster, E (2014) Non Violent Resistance Handbook for Practitioners-Responding to Child to Parent Violence in Practice. [Handbook] Galway, Ireland. RCPV Project/ UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway.

Link to Handbook: NVR Handbook for Practitioners First Edition

The topic of Non Violence Resistance was covered by an entire issue of the Context Journal. A link to this issue can be found here.

Presentations made in Brighton, England- January 2015

E. Lauster Awareness raising of CPV for practitioners in Ireland_ Brighton Jan 2015 Presentation 29th Jan

Brighton-Declan Coogan- NVR Jan 2015

Press Releases-Ireland

NUI Galway Raises Awareness on Child to Parent Violence with International Conference

NUI Galway’s School of Political Science & Sociology awarded DAPHNE research grant

NUI Galway Staff Newsletter

NUIG staff newsletter Oct 2014

NUIG staff newsletter Oct 2013



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